Water Feeder Bird
Water Feeder Bird
Water Feeder Bird
Water Feeder Bird
Water Feeder Bird
Water Feeder Bird

Water Feeder Bird

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You'll Never Have To Water Your Plants Again!

Self-Watering Plant Glass Bulbs, a very perfect watering device, get rid of your plant killer title & keep your garden alive. The bulb sends water directly to the plant mouth side, can supply water for a week continuously. Even if you forget to water or if you’re travelling you won’t need to worry about your garden!


Perfect For:

  • People who are often travelling. Don't loose control and leave your garden in the hands of others!
  • Garden lovers who are often busy and have no time to tend to their garden, keep the love alive!  
  • Ideal for people who work long hours, don't struggle & stress over maintaining your garden health.

These self-watering bulbs look classy in the garden yet provide great help to your plants when you're away on vacation. They know exactly how much water your plants will need and add an elegant decoration to your backyard!

  •  Self-watering globe bulbs, eliminates the need to worry about leaving your plants unattended
  • Holds enough water for up to 1 week, results may vary due to soil or plant types
  • Easy to use. Simply fill the globe and insert it into soil
  • Made from premium glass, perfect for houseplants
  • Best for vacation plant watering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): 

Q1: if this goes in the dirt, how does the bottom not get plugged with dirt?

A bit of dirt does go in when you initially place it in the dirt, but gravity and pressure pushes it out fairly quickly. A tip to avoid getting any dirt in the bulbs is to make a hole using a pencil before placing the birds!

Q2: How long is the "large bird," and how many ounces of water can it hold?

The birds are 10” in height, and can hold about ⅓ a cup of water.

Q3: How do you dry the inside properly to put store them away? They seem to stubbornly hold mostiure even when all the water has been drained.

You might try putting some isopropyl alcohol inside and swishing it around and then pour it out. The alcohol evaporates leaving it dry inside.


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